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copyop - Social Trading


Discover copyop the first Social Binary Option Trading Platform for your Android mobile device. copyop allows users to copy the investments of our top traders. Identify top traders and copy their trades with the click of a button. Once you copy a trader, their trades will automatically be placed on your behalf - under your terms! Alternatively, you can monitor their investments until you feel that it’s the right time to make the call. Download the mobile app and discover a whole new trading experience.copyop’s trading platform is easy to use and intuitive. There is no need for complicated charts and advanced analysis tools.
copyop opens the financial markets to everyone by enabling traders to connect with, and copy other traders who have a proven track record of success. But, that's not all! copyop is more than just a trading platform, it’s also a social network, where traders can learn and share knowledge – allowing everyone to benefit and profit from shared trading wisdom.
Key features of the app:
• Multiple trading strategies and models from over 1M Traders• Automatically copy and watch leading traders and follow their investments without having to monitor the Market 24/7.• Detailed Traders’ Performance based on copyop’s evaluation algorithm• Notifications about under-performing Traders and recommends new opportunities. • Ability to view a traders’ past performance customized to their own trading strategy• Postpone expiry feature: Postpone the expiry time of a trade in loss, to the nearest available expiry time.• Compatibility: copyop will identify the traders that match the user’s style of trading for clear trading opportunities. • Live Rate Charts with technical indicators• Trade History with detailed Data Table and Historical Charts • 24/7 Multilingual Support in 15 languages
copyop puts you in the driving seat, allowing you total control of your capital management, and risk exposure strategies. Our new platform allows for variable margin trading, which enables you to control the leverage, and also the cost of funding. You will not be charged on the portion of the capital, placed on any giving trade - you can invest with only a fraction of the total value, or de-leverage your trades by funding 100% of your position and pay no funding at all.